Cafe Platters

Platter Selection

Striker’s Cafe
Will be bring back platters!


Note: Platters must be ordered within 48 hours of booking your event.

Chip & Lolly Platter ($35.00) – Include:
3 bowls of packet chips, 1 bowl of Allen’s mixed lollies


Dip Platter ($35.00) – Include:
French onion dip, Cheese, Cabanossi, Crackers.


Savoury Platter ($70.00) – Include:
Cabanossi, Olives, Pickle onions, 2 dips, Cheese, Celery and carrot sticks, variety of biscuits and chips


Cheese Platter ($60.00) – Include:
Selection of tasty cheese, brie, pepper, apricot and water cracker


Fruit Platter ($70.00) – Include:
Made with fresh fruit in season


Sandwich Platter ($70.00) – Include:
Variety of sandwiches made with multigrain and white bread.


Fruit & Cheese Platter ($75.00) – Include:
Selection of seasonal fruits served with a variety of cheese – tasty, brie, pepper and apricot


Party Platter ($75.00) – Include:
cocktail frankfurts,  party pies, 24 sausage rolls, chicken nuggets served with a large hot chips and dipping sauces. 


Hot Food Platter ($90.00)- Include:
chicken nuggets, meatballs, calamari rings, spring rolls, dim sims, chicken sticks, fish cocktails large potato wedges, large hot chips and dipping sauces.

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