Pro Shop


Our Bateau Bay Pro Shop has all the equipment you need for your next Tenpin Bowling game.  

Visit our Pro Shop for the newest bowling balls, shoes, bags, clothing and accessories.

Our Pro Shop staff are highly experienced. Whether you would like to purchase a new bowling ball, drill the ball to fit your hand or repair your old ball.

If you can’t find what you need, we will happily order it in for you.

Plugging & Drilling

Style Price
Full plug & Drill – Fingertip $75
Full Plug & Drill – Conventional (normal) $50
Plug & Drill – Thumb only $30
Plug & Drill – One finger only $25
Plug & Drill – Two fingers only $50


Style Price
Plastic Bowling Ball $30
Reactive Bowling Ball $30
Urethane $30


Reactive bowling ball and Urethane – $10 extra for polishing


Style Price
Plastic $10
Reactive $20
Urethane $20
Removal of Oil & Clean $20

Drilling Cost

Style Price
Conventional (normal) $25
Fingertip $50
Semi-Fingertip $50
Multi $60

Slugs & Grips

Style Price
Thumb Slug $12
Finger Grip $5