Cafe Platters


Please note – all platters must be booked 48 hours in advance.


Chip & Lolly Platter – Price: $30

Includes: Three bowls of packet chips, one large bowl of Allen’s mixed lollies.

Dip Platter – Price: $30

Includes: Various dips and crackers.

Cheese Platter – Price: $45

Include: Selection of tasty, brie, pepper and apricot cheese with water crackers.

Fruit Platter – Price: $50

Includes: Created with fresh fruit in season.

Sandwich Platter – Price: $50

Includes: Variety of sandwiches made with multigrain and white bread.

Savoury Platter – Price: $55

Includes: Cabanossi, olives, pickled onions, two dips, cheese, celery and carrot sticks, and a variety of biscuits and crackers.

Fruit & Cheese Platter – Price: $60

Includes: Selection of seasonal fruits served with a variety of tasty, brie, pepper and apricot cheese.

Party Platter – Price: $65

Includes: 30 cocktail frankfurts, 24 party pies, 24 sausage rolls, 24 chicken nuggets served with a large hot chips and dipping sauces.

Hot Food Platter  – Price: $70

Includes: 18 chicken nuggets, 18 meatballs, 18 calamari rings, 12 spring rolls, 12 dim sims, 12 chicken sticks, 12 fish cocktails, large potato wedges, large hot chips and dipping sauces.